The Valdivia dream was born from the desire of showing the Ecuadorian and south american culture to the world. Valdivia has been created using innovation and creativity to manifest the splendor that can be produced when combing culture and fashion

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 Sara is the Founder and creator of Valdivia, she is an empowered women who has lived in London, UK for almost 13 years. She has had incredible opportunities of academic development in several fields in the UK but finally landed in what she wishes to dedicate her entire time and motivation to.
Sara wishes to work fully on her true passion which is her country and the motive of showing the richness of her culture to the world through fashion.


Valdivia is here to give you a cultural experience directly from Ecuador, produced through artisanal leather it empowers each client by making them feel unique through our different designs whilst also elevating a fresh air of a sophisticate Ecuadorian style decorated with the deepest artistic fine ethnic inspired fashion.


Valdivia's vision is to be able to show the artisan products of Ecuador to the world by offering handmade designs with an ultimate authentic touch.
Through each item not only are our customers obtaining a unique design but also being directly exposed to some of South America's most iconic history.
Our vision remains to illustrate world heritage and culture creating an ethnical fashion embrace available to you.

Leather Workshop